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09/14/20 - 11/22/20 (10 weeks)










Music Together® Online is presented via pre-recorded video classes and (as of Fall '20) weekly live 30 m Zoom classes! *

Teachers will lead your whole family in fun music activities using songs from the current Collection. Each teacher will also create one 25 min video per week for you to watch whenever you wish. You can schedule unlimited make ups for missed Zoom classes, on a space available basis. 

Note makeups can not be rolled over to another semester. 

Don't want to choose a specific Zoom class?

We also have a "Pre-recorded Only" option whereby you do not choose a Zoom class and you can schedule "occasional" classes using our Make up Scheduler, as space allows.  You will have access to all 5 teacher's pre-recorded videos per week to watch any time you want to, again and again during the Semester. 

Note: "Occasional classes" can not be rolled over to another semester.

As always, our teachers will be modeling music making for YOU, the adult, and YOU will be modeling for your child. You can keep the screen out of view of the child if you wish. Screen time becomes seen time! Your child can wander a bit, as they do in the in-person class, while they process the learning. This is normal and should not be construed as disengagement! Some children learn best while moving around. The more you use the songs* at home in daily life, the more your family will get out of the program! 

*You will receive your materials, Songbook and CD, by mail, or by (distanced) pick up, your choice. The Songbook will include a code to download your music digitally through the free Hello Everybody App. Additionally, you can use that code and app log in to access extra content in the Family Music Zone at Music Together Worldwide's website

Upcoming Meetings
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10/07/20    Anytime Wednesday 10/07/20 Anytime
10/08/20    Anytime Thursday 10/08/20 Anytime
10/09/20    Anytime Friday 10/09/20 Anytime
10/10/20    Anytime Saturday 10/10/20 Anytime
10/11/20    Anytime Sunday 10/11/20 Anytime
10/12/20    Anytime Monday 10/12/20 Anytime