Classes Mon-Sat  4 Peninsula Locations 0-5yrs! 


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Most of our Summer classes came to an end this week. Beresford Ctr has one more week ending 8/23. 


Fall Registration open NOW in Burlingame, Millbrae and San Mateo

PJCC reg opens: 8/26 for members and 8/27 for non-members.



• Millbrae Library Thursdays 3:30/4:30 pm with Teacher Steven Scholom! 

• Burlingame Wednesdays Ages 4-6! 3:30pm Rhythm Kids with Teacher Steve Eulberg! (Siblings, not aged 4-6, can come along to sit with adult.) 

• PJCC Sundays! 10/11 am with Teacher Brittany Breeze Allen

and..In place of Teacher Alia 

• Wednesday mornings in Burlingame Sami Kaneda will return to teach for us. 

Mondays, Teacher Chris  

• Thursdays in Beresford, Teacher Breeze.


New Songbook this Fall!

The next edition of the family songbook is debuting this Fall! Each song is brought to life through colorful and engaging illustrations by award-winning artist Jaime Kim and children's book illustrator Gerald Kelley. The new book will inspire your family to play with music all week long. You'll find it helpful to learn the lyrics, as a jumping-off point for creative storytelling, and to learn more about the songs you're singing in class. Your child may enjoy snuggling with you and singing through the whole book at once—or opening to a page to tell you what song they want to sing!

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Have an infant? Schedule a try out of our infant classes! Babies 8 mo and under. Burlingame and Beresford locations. 

Further class type info:

• Mixed Age Family Classes 0-4yrs

• Babies-only, under 8 mo class    Burlingame only

• 3-4 Yrs plus 5 yr old and younger siblings can be registered! Burlingame only

Music Together con Español

Rhythm Kids Ages 4-6! Sibs older and younger than age 4-6 can just come along. Burlingame only


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Note: Teacher Alia will not be on the schedule due to pregnancy.

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Show classes for:
Mixed Age (0-4yrs)

This is the essential Music Together class, one that a child can attend from 3 mo. through age three or four, through all nine song collections. This basic class follows the recommendations of child development researchers, grouping children of a variety of ages because this fosters natural, family-style learning. Younger children enjoy watching and imitating older ones; older children learn by leading younger ones; and adults are happy because the children in the family can go to class together. Each child participates at his or her own level in singing, moving, chanting, listening, watching, or exploring musical instruments. Any caregivers, parents, grandparents, nanny can bring the children. Please note that children in these classes tend to be between age 6 mo to age 3 and even some up to age 4 that are siblings. 5yr old siblings may also be registered in a mixed age class.

3-4 yrs

3:30 pm at Burlingame Rec on Mondays with Teacher Chris. Younger and older siblings up to age 5 can also be registered.

This class is geared to children ages 3 & 4 yrs. This is still a parent/child Music Together class and will use the same materials as a mixed age class. Younger siblings ARE allowed to be registered and can participate at their own developmental level, with the understanding that the activities will be geared to the older kids. 5 yr old siblings can also be registered.

Babies Class (under 8 mo)


Burlingame Rec: Mondays at Burlingame Rec

Babies under 8 months, and their caregivers, are invited to take a special Babies Class,  as a one semester introduction to Music Together. When surrounded by music, babies actually begin reacting and trying to make music with you! Learn how to recognize and encourage that playful exchange while  also encouraging bonding and musical response with your baby. Music activities are specially designed for parents who want to learn as much as possible about music development in infants, meet other parents of newborns and learn some fascinating music activities you can recreate at home with your baby.  Any caregivers—parents, grandparents, nanny—can bring the children. Both parents or grandparents are welcome for this important family music experience. Please note babies are also allowed in mixed age classes ages 0-4yrs.

Music Together con Español


Enroll in Music Together con Español and try algo nuevo - something new! Music Together con Español is a bilingual English/Spanish version of the Music Together mixed-age class you know and love. The semester Song Collection's have been recorded in a mixture of English and Spanish, which you'll take home on a CD and also be able to access online via your Hello Everybody app.  And, in addition to your weekly classes, and the bilingual recording, you'll receive the new English-language illustrated songbook, plus a booklet with the Spanish lyrics, and a family newsletter with more at-home music-making idea that can hacer que cada día sea más divertido-make every day more fun!




This class is offered at:

Beresford Center on Tuesdays at 11:45 am Teacher Sandy. 

Burlingame Rec on Fridays at 11:30 am Teacher Sandy and Tuesdays at 4pm Teacher Breeze.

Rhythm Kids - Level 1 Ages 4-6! Siblings allowed.

     NOW FOR AGES 4-6YRS! And siblings can be brought along.

Coming back this Fall 2019!

Rhythm Kids™ by Music Together

Level One



NEW! Now includes 6 year olds!

Rhythm Kids, Level One, is the next musical step for your preschool child (ages 4–6) with a parent or caregiver.

Rhythm Kids has been expanded to include 6 year-olds!


•The new age range will be ages 4-6 yrs!


•Younger Siblings are allowed to be brought along, to sit with the parent/caregiver, but will not be expected to take part in what the 4-6yr children are doing.


• Older siblings, over 6yrs, are also welcome to come along, as long as they participate as a music model with their adult. 


Each week we drum, sing, dance, play rhythm instruments, and begin to play music-based games. Rhythm Kids Level One guides children toward developmentally appropriate music and movement activities, where they can begin to take charge, lead others, and be musically creative, as they: 

·        Make up their own drumming patterns; 

·        Invent new ways to play rhythm instruments (shakers, sticks, etc.);

·        Continue to create movement ideas for Music Together songs; 

·        and even take a drum solo! 

Rhythm Kids Level One follows through on the Music Together® vision to help children complete the pathway of early childhood music development. 

Classes are for children ages 4–6 and their adult(s) and include: 

·        Weekly, 45-minute classes 

·        Animal Collection Songbook and 1 CD each semester 

·        Access to online drum-play videos and other material on the Hello Everybody app and Family Music Zone 


Your child will: 

·        Explore the world of rhythm through movement, instrument play, and singing

·        Develop basic rhythm skills, like keeping beat, improvising, ensemble play, and soloing 

·        Learn to create, cooperate, and express themselves musically 


Drums will be provided for the class each week for each registered child (or you can bring your own).