When does registration open and what is the tuition fee? Please go to our tuition by location page for the most current information. 

How do I register for a class? For Millbrae Library click on "Register" in the menu above. For all other locations, registration by location: click here.

Siblings - What is the amount of the sibling tuition and how do I arrange for it? For fee amount and full instructions for obtaining sibling discount, please go to tuition by location page.  For Burlingame Rec you must call or visit in person to register a sibling. 650-558-7300. If it's for a class that traditionally fills fast we recommend registering the first child online, then call to add the sibling. At Beresford Park register each child and a sibling discounted price should appear for sibling. If not, please call 650-522-7440

How about siblings 8 mo and under? Siblings of a paid registrant, 8 months and under, as of first day of class, are free of charge. At Burlingame Rec and Beresford Center they are not officially registered but on first day you must tell the teacher you are bringing the child and give the teacher the name and date of birth. At Millbrae, PJCC and Parent's Place they need to be registered.

May I bring both of my children to the same mixed age class? Yes! Not only may you, we encourage you to! In each class we strive to create a musically rich, developmentally appropriate environment where the whole family can enjoy music and nurture skills at the level right for each child. Mixed-age classes also provide a rich learning environment because children of different ages thrive when they interact with each other.  Note: This policy does not apply to Rhythm Kids unless both children are either 4 or 5 yrs. Please contact us with questions.

Do I need to pay for Music Materials? Music materials, song collections, are to be included with your class. There are 9 different song collections that rotate over 3 years.  If you already have this collection from 3 years ago, (please note that they have been re-designed as of Fall 2018) please either gift them to a friend or please consider donating your materials to our annual Holiday donation to Samaritan House. Just let your teache know. As a Music Together® licensee, Peninsula Music Together is not allowed to waive materials as MTLLC includes them in the program. 

Do you pro-rate for late registration? Pro-rated registration is only allowed at Beresford Park Rec. In all other locations you can register up to week 3 and use your 3 "make ups" instead of pro-rating so that you can enjoy a full semester of classes. 

If I miss class or know I will miss one ahead of time, can I do a make up class? Yes! Three make up classes are allowed per semester. (except holiday mini-semester) Please note that make ups are offered as a courtesy and may not be rolled over to another semester. Please schedule them using our make up scheduler. You may schedule in advance. Drop ins are not allowed. If you can't come to your make up go back to the scheduler and click on cancel make up.

If I want to, can I just drop in to a class? We can not allow drop ins. Please schedule a trial class or make up

My class time no longer works with my child's nap schedule. May I switch classes mid session? A switch is possible as long as the class you want to switch to is not full and does not have a wait list. But please do not drop in. Please call the location directly to try to make the switch officially, except Millbrae. For the latter, contact us. 

How do I get a refund? Millbrae/Parent's Place: Refunds are not available after first class. Tuition refunds issued prior to first class are subject to a $30 processing fee. Contact us to ask for one. Burlingame: Refund policy link.  All other locations, please contact them directly for their policy. Note: Opened Materials are non-refundable, at all locations.

Are there any spaces open in the classes? Please click here and scroll down to see openings in classes. However, generally we don't take new students after the third week as we can allow up to 3 make ups only.

Is there a charge for a trial class?  There is no charge for trial classes. However they must be scheduled to avoid overcrowding. Click here to schedule a free trial class.

Is only one adult allowed to come to music class? Two adults may accompany a child and they are expected to participate by modeling music making for the child. If you wish to have more than two adults, please contact us to clear it.  In full Saturday classes, due to space, we ask that no more than 2 adults come with the child. Please contact Director Pam Donkin if you have an exceptional situation and we will try to work with you. info@peninsulamusictogether.com

Can I bring my older child to class because they are out of school for a holiday? We understand that sometimes your older child's school is out (i.e.: Ski Week) when we have classes. If the older sibling is age 6 or over, they may visit as a musical model, the same as "additional adults" (see above) without scheduling. Older siblings (under age 6) must be scheduled as "make up". Please use older child's full name and show Older Sibling Visit in missed class space. Drop ins do not work for our classes because we need to keep the class from being overcrowded and for insurance reasons*. The number of make ups, are limited because many of our classes are full. Our preference is that you schedule the registered sibling for a make up, instead of bringing the older child along, or arrange a play date for the older child. However, we know that once in a while scheduling conflicts arise and that's why we offer a one-time freebie for non-enrolled older siblings to attend, but it must be scheduled as a "make up".  

Can one adult bring two children?  One parent may bring two children as long as they are able to interact as a musical model with both children successfully, and that both children are under their care and control at all times ensuring the safety of their children and others in class.  

Are babies under 8 mo allowed only in the special "Babies-only" music class? Babies are welcome in all of our classes and thrive in mixed age classes!

Why mixed ages? Early childhood educators consistently recommend mixed-age groupings as an optimal learning environment for children under five years.  In this setting, older children learn from being in a leadership role (a role they may not take when they're in a group of their peers,) and younger children benefit from the example of an older child.  Classes have a family feel, rather than a school orientation, an environment your child will have ample opportunity to experience when he enters the world of formal education in a few years.  In addition, children of the same age are not necessarily in the same stage of music development and a mixed-age environment creates a space for exploration and discovery, rather than peer pressure.  The Music Together curriculum is designed to teach on many levels of complexity at once, and Music Together teachers are trained in the art of mixed-age learning.

Should my infant be in class with older children?  Absolutely. Just as siblings in multi-child families learn from each other, so do the children in our mixed-age classes.  Your baby will learn by watching and imitating you as well as the older children in the room.

How long are the classes?  45 minutes

How do I know which teacher is teaching? Go to our classes page. All teachers are listed there and if you click on the teacher name a pic and bio will pop up. 

Birthday Parties: Many of our teacher do musical birthday parties. Please ask your teacher directly or contact us to send an email out to all teachers who do them. Pricing is set by each teacher individually and you will contract direclty with them.

Please check our policies for further information. 

Email Director Pam Donkin info@peninsulamusictogether.com if any further questions.