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Aug 11, 2020
Fall information! Zoom Classes!

Hello Everybody! We sure do miss being with you in person! But online is the next-best thing!



We added Zoom classes to our FALL Music Together® Online Pre-recorded Program!

Fall 2020 underway

Includes: 1 Weekly 30 min Zoom class plus 25 min weekly pre-recorded classes by all 5 teachers and Bongo materials mailed to you! (or distanced pick up can be arranged!)  Unlimited make-ups, pending availability

Song collection: Bongos!

OR for the older kids
The next step: MT Rhythm Kids (Ages 4-8yrs) FULL!


"Can you please pass on to the teachers how fantastic their videos are? Truly amazing!My daughter can't get enough. She is hooked. She's fully participating. ( WE are fully participating.)  It's amazing to see. We've loved seeing teachers at home, their stuffed animals, and family.  Thank you for making this time a little happier."

PMT Online '20 parent

Use the code from your materials

Access your music on the app, download or stream the music. The code is in the inside cover of songbook. You can also register and download from the Family Music Zone at the National Music Together site. However you get your music, play it for the entire family and try some of the things you did in class! It will enhance your child's experience immeasurably! 

The app comes pre-loaded with Music Together songs, a karaoke style sing-along feature that lets you show or hide on-screen lyrics, and a camera to record your familysinging and dancing.

Hello Everybody App

Check out the free Hello Everybody app to access your session songs.

Download the App free from the App Store or Google Play.

A) Create an account at the app using the 3 dot menu

B) Enter your semester code. Where do I find the code? Located on the inside front cover of your songbook 

C) At the "Music" bubble use the red bar along the bottom of the screen to scroll left/right and swap between collections.


Check out these videos for more information on creating an account and adding an access code.


Lyrics run along the bottom of the screen so you can sing along!

There's a digital version of the songbook at the Let's play section.

There are interesting activities and song histories at the Let's play section too.


If you have any trouble, please contact Music Together support at support@musictogether.com for assistance.

Musical Birthday parties

Some of our teachers offer birthday parties as Independent Contractors/Birthday Party Entertainers. They set their own prices so check with each teacher on the pricing.

DURING COVID-19 Zoom parties are offered.

You may arrange this by speaking to your teacher directly or by contacting us and we will send your email to the teacher you want or any who offer them. 

Important note: The party can not be called a Music Together birthday party as it is not an official Peninsula Music Together event and not covered by our liability insurance. You will contract directly with the Birthday Party Entertainer.

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