What People Say

Parents rave about Peninsula Music Together's incredible classes and teachers!

I just want to say that there are very few places and especially learning opportunities where kids can be completely themselves and do what they need to do during class. The fact that M. can walk around during singing, can be a kitty when we're being puppies and can sing a totally different song and still be totally accepted in the class is very rare and special. I just wanted to say that your class is about so much more than learning music and that's very rare and special.

Parent, Buringame, CA

There are not a lot of classes where you can bring a baby sibling (under 8 mo) along, at no charge, with your toddler! And there are not a lot of places you can take children of various ages to a class together! This is a GOLD MINE!

Genevieve, parent

I wanted to let you know how AMAZING teacher Steven Scholom is. We are in our third semester of Music Together® and teacher Steven is the reason we keep coming back. He is so talented, funny and kind hearted. Teacher Steven is one in a million... We are so thrilled to have him in our lives. Thank you for providing us with such an off the charts amazing music teacher. He has and will continue to inspire many young musicians.

Cassidy Cantin - Parent

We love teacher Steve Eulberg! He has such a wonderful presence - joyful, but also calm and patient.

PMT parent

I was completely blown away by Teacher Sandy. She is awsome and my grandson was so engaged with her. He has such a love for music because of her. Also he has the vocabulary of a first grader as a preschooler.I believe that this was one of the many benefits of the music togather program.

Juanita Yee, parent

I'm writing to let you know that we had a spectacular class with Teacher Breeze at the Burlingame Rec Department. She is truly a special teacher -- she's both a gifted vocalist/musician and an intuitive teacher who really understands little kids. We've loved the happy energy she brings to class, and the way she engages with even the youngest babies through dancing, gesturing, singing, and being silly. We've really enjoyed seeing her every week, and hope she'll return to Burlingame at some point.

Thanks for your wonderful program -- we look forward to the next session.  
Katherine Gerster, parent

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with Peninsula Music Together. I signed my daughter Shawna up for the San Mateo rec class on Saturday with Teacher Steven. It has been such an amazing experience for us. Teacher Steven is incredible and shows a real passion for music and engaging with the children. Shawna is very shy and it has been incredible to see her become so confident since we started this class. She loves listening to the CD in the car, and is very proud to tell people it is from "her music class."

I also wanted you to know hat I am very impressed with your company and they way you conduct business. Your website is amazing and so easy to navigate. I love that you offer make-up classes, and have one time sibling visits. You have really thought of everything from a parents perspective and it shows.

Thank you so much and I am really looking forward to continuing to be part of your classes.

Debbie McGraw, parent

"Steve Eulberg is so excellent! My friend and I really love him and he is so good with our 10 month old girls. Steve is talented, calm and shows them a lot of attention. Our girls love seeing him in class each week." 

April Champagne, SM Parent

"I cannot begin to tell you how much Sadie and I enjoyed Breeze's class. Breeze is incredibly charismatic, energetic, warm, and engaging, and it was such a pleasure to watch my daughter blossom over the course of the last 10 weeks in her class. Sadie is completely enamored with Breeze, and she even got into the habit of trying to climb into Breeze's lap during the Goodbye Song in order to help her play the ukulele. My husband and I are both musicians, and music is a big part of our lives. To see my daughter so engaged in a music class at such a young age is a true gift. Joining her every Wednesday was the absolute highlight of my week."
Lauren O'Brien, parent

My toddler has had an absolute blast with Teacher Steven S. this past year! He is my son's favorite teacher. Steven is great at keeping his attention and making everything super fun. I attribute my son's love for music in large part to our time together at Music Together.

Music Together parent

Teacher Steven is a wonderful musical role model for both the children and the adults in the class. The children (and the caregivers) seem to be thoroughly enchanted with him as he sings, dances, and plays instruments with them. He makes everyone feel comfortable, even someone like me who can't carry a tune, as he leads us through the different songs and harmonies in class. I've been at Music Together for about 4 years and he is one of my favorite teachers.

Valerie Monalvo, parent

My daughter and I started Music Together with a babies-only class with Teacher Pam when she was 4 months old. Sylvie has blossomed with Pam's gentle, nurturing nature and I have learned so much about music through her teachings of the Music Together program. Teacher Pam has a wonderful balance of being able to connect with children, along with a beautiful voice and talented musical ability which I found inspirational. We listen to her CD's literally every day.


Karen Senffner, Burlingame, CA