New Teacher this Fall!

photo Steve Eulberg

COMING IN FALL! Peninsula Music Together is delighted to announce that multi-instrumentalist Teacher Steve Eulberg will begin teaching classes in several of our locations in Fall. Many of you may have already met him as he attended classes last Spring, enchanting you with many of his very interesting stringed instruments such as lap dulcimer, mandolin, guitar, autoharp, baritone ukulele, or banjo! Click link below to see where he is teaching.

Teacher Steve has long been known in early childhood music education circles as Mr. Steve from Mr. Steve’s Folk Music for Little Folks. A life-long musician and an award-winning multi-instrumentalist, Teacher Steve is the father of two grown children with whom he sang and played daily.

After earning a Master of Music Education degree and working at the junior high school level, he began sharing folk music in local pre-schools. Originally from rural Ohio, he has worked in the inner cities of Chicago, Denver and Kansas City, and is currently a nationally-known traveling musician and music educator.

Teacher Steve uses mountain dulcimers, mandolin, guitar, autoharp, ukulele, percussion, didjeridoo, harmonica, banjo and banjammer in his classes. He is excited about the Music Together® program for how it emphasizes the vital role that parents and caregivers play in the musical upbringing of young learners.