PARTICIPATION: In this class it is very important for the adults to participate! The children learn their attitudes and motivations from you, and you can help them become enthusiastic music-makers just by enjoying the class and participating fully. You will be an excellent model regardless of your musical ability —a sense of fun is all that is required.

For the children's benefit, our goal is to make class time a music-immersion experience. You'll make a lot of new friends in class, but because it is difficult for children to mask out adult conversation, please save chatting for before and after class so that the children can have the most positive musical experience possible, and hear their own parent's singing!


FOOD: Due to serious and sometimes life threatening food allergies, no food is allowed in classroom! Please have it outside the classroom. 


ILLNESS: Please don't come to class if you or your child is sick! Instead, please use our liberal 3 make up policy and schedule a make up. Further details. Please note that make ups can not be carried over to another semester so please schedule your make up as soon as possible after your missed class and by the last class date in the semester. Spots are offered on a space availability basis. No drop-ins please.


CELL PHONE: Please set your cell phone to vibrate or turn it off during class and please put it away in pocket or bag. Please do not talk or text on cell phone in classroom as it is distracting to others. If something urgent comes up, please step outside to make your call, taking your child with you, unless there is another adult there to supervise your child. If you have another adult bringing your child to class (i.e.:Nanny) please go over this policy with that person.


PHOTOS/VIDEOS: Some families may feel uncomfortable with photos and videotaping in class, so please limit this to a few quick ones, (of YOUR OWN child only) then please put your phone away, in pocket or bag, and go back to making music with your child, modeling that, and creating a fun, comfortable, community environment. We are happy to let you use our props to take a photo/video before or after class. Please ask your teacher. 


RUNNING IN CLASS - NO "LAP-RUNNING": Children are learning about their bodies and exploring how music makes them feel, and running might be a part of that. However, if you notice your child starting to run laps around the circle, please jump in and redirect them to skipping, jumping, or walking feet - for the sake of safety! If a redirect doesn't work, please take them out in the hall for a minute to remind them! Then please come back and have safe fun with us!


DO NOT LEAVE CHILD IN CLASSROOM: Children must be under the care and control of their caregiver at all times in the classroom, ensuring the safety and well-being of their children and others in class. Under no circumstances may they be left in the classroom without their specific caregiver. Note: they may not be left with some other adult in class.


TWO CHILDREN, ONE CAREGIVER: We allow one parent/caregiver to bring two children as long as they are able to interact as a musical model with both children successfully, and that both children are under their care and control at all times ensuring the safety of their children and others in class. 


ADDITIONAL ADULTS: Other adults are allowed but since our classes are based on the musical model, they must participate. Because in Saturday classes many children have two adults with them already, please do not bring additional adults without discussing it with Director Pam Donkin info@peninsulamusictogether.com.  Additionally, at our Beresford Center location the classroom is too small to accomodate extra family members so we recommend no more than 2 adults. (Siblings over 6 will be counted into that total too in that location)



• Though PMT classes show they are up to age 4 yrs, the Worldwide Music Together® program goes to age 5. Therefore, if you have a 5 yr old older sibling of a child in a 0-4yr class, the 5 yr old can also be registered with a sibling discount. Note Beresford: an age waiver will be necessary, contact us for that. And in Rhythm Kids (age 4-6) 4-6 yr old siblings must be registered but other aged siblings can be brought along without registering, to sit with adult. Contact us with questions.

• In mixed age (0-4yrs) or babies only (8 mo and under) classes, if the older sibling is age 6 or over, they may come in as a musical model, the same as "additional adults" (see above) without scheduling. They are expected to participate with adults.

• In mixed age (0-4yrs) or babies only (8 mo and under) classes, older unregistered siblings (under age 6) may come one time per semester and must be scheduled as a "make up". Please show in notes: older sibling (name). Please do not bring the older sibling without scheduling. Drop-ins are not allowed in our classes for two reasons: we need to keep the class from being overcrowded and for insurance reasons. The number of make ups, are limited because many of our classes are full. Our preference is that you schedule the registered sibling for a make up, instead of bringing the older child along, or arrange a play date for the older child. However, we know that once in a while scheduling conflicts arise and that's why we offer a one-time free visit for non-enrolled older siblings to attend, but it must be scheduled as a "make up". Note: this does not affect the number of make ups for the registered child.

• In mixed age (0-4yrs) or babies only (8 mo and under) classes, if the older sibling is age 6 or over, they may come in as a musical model, the same as "additional adults" (see above) without scheduling. They are expected to participate with adults. But please make sure there are no more than 2 musical models per child registered, counting in those older siblings please.


SIBLINGS 8 MONTHS AND UNDER ARE FREE: Siblings of a paid registrant, 8 months and under, as of first day of class, are free of charge. In Proof of date of birth must be provided to instructor on first day of class. 


TEACHERS: For reasons beyond our control it may be necessary to change the teacher for a given class. Though it's extremely rare, Peninsula Music Together reserves the right to make teacher changes without prior notice in order to keep a class going.  All PMT teachers are trained by Music Together LLC and by Director Pam Donkin and are highly qualified.


MAKEUPS: As a courtesy, Peninsula Music Together allows up to three make ups per child, per semester, which can not be rolled over to another semester and MUST BE SCHEDULED by the last class date in the semester. The make up class can be done in any of our classes that show spots available on the scheduler. We have almost 60 classes per week, even on Saturday and Sunday! BUT MAKE-UP MUST BE SCHEDULED.  The make up scheduler keeps track of the number of make ups per child, so if you can't come to a scheduled make up please go back there and cancel it. (there is a cancel make up tab) That way you won't lose one of your make ups and another family can take your place. To avoid overcrowding, full classes will have only two "make up" children allowed per class meeting. Please do not drop in for a make up or class can get too crowded for regularly registered families. Please schedule. If help needed, please text Director, Pam Donkin at 415-308-4432.



• Millbrae/Parents Place: Refunds are not available after first class. We regret that there can be no refunds after the first class. Your spot in class has been sold and cannot necessarily be resold. Many classes are full and people have been turned away when the spot is booked.  Tuition refunds issued prior to first class may be possible depending on the location. Please check directly with them.

Note: Materials are non-returnable


PRO-RATED TUITION: Pro-rated tuition is not available. If you register after start, we allow up to 3 make ups for classes missed. Registration closes after week 3.


SONG COLLECTION MATERIALS: 9 different Song Collections are rotated over 3 years. They are part of the class and included in the tuition. (one set per family) They are not optional and in fact enhance the experience more than we can say! Click here if you already have the current collection.